Two Great Plans, Same Great Website

We understand that different businesses have different need and requirements. So we have two ways to help you achieve your project:

  • One-time Project: Starting at $3,000 (paid 50% at start, 50% at completion of project)
  • Payment Plan: 24 monthly payments at starting at $249/month

Both packages get the same great setup. Both packages get the same great website delivered. And both packages have the same set of add-ons available to extend your project.

And if your site needs go beyond the basic site setup, that's great too. We have pricing for specific add-ons such as ecommerce and event management. Our teams of seasoned veterans have been building websites since the 90s. We've seen it all. We are confident we can take on any challenges you can throw at us.  (And if your project is better handled through custom work, we'll let you know that too.)

One-time Project
Payment Plan

Starting at $3,000

Base Price Includes:

  • A complete, responsive website
  • A website built on WordPress. The internet's most popular and extendable content management system
  • A drag-and-drop WYSIWYG content module system for easy content development
  • A standard plugin setup including functionality for optimization and SEO
  • A theme template customized to your company's color, fonts, and aesthetics
  • 5 pages (standard pages are Home, About, Contact, Services, and a Blog)
  • A Contact Form to collect contact information
  • Connection to a Newsletter management tool of choice
  • 1 hour tutorial on how to use and maintain the site


  • Monthly maintenance + $100/month
  • Hosting (maintenance included) + $125/month
  • Additional Page Development + $150/per page
  • eCommerce + $1000
  • Events (no ticket sales) + $500
  • Events (ticket sales) + $1000
  • Portfolio + $250


  • You may host this site anywhere you like, but you are welcome to host with us (see Add-ons)
  • You may opt for follow up maintenance (which we highly recommend) to make sure your site stays current and up to date.

When Can We Begin?

Today! Fill out the short form below and we'll set up a phone meeting to  discuss your project. Once both parties are ready to engage, then we'll set up billing, start developing your site and your 10 days will start counting down!

Have More Questions?

That's up to you. We need 10 working days to complete the site. If you have the content, images, and info all ready to go, your site will be ready in 10 days (sometimes less). However, if you say "go," but take two weeks to deliver content, we'll still need 10 days to develop the site. We are happy to work at a pace that is comfortable for you. 

If you select the One Time Project, you will pay 50% of the project cost at the start and the remaining 50% when the project is complete.

If you select the Payment Plan, you pay $249 per month for 24 months. The 24-month term begins when the site is launched. At the end of the 24-month term, you are free to take the site to any host you like. And we'll be happy to help you move. But you are welcome to stay hosting with us, especially if you stay with a maintenance plan.

Every site is unique, and we've seen our share of specializations over the years. We are good at finding solutions to most issues and keeping them within budget. Contact us and we'll set up a call to discuss your project. If we can make it work, great. And if not, we'll let you know and be happy to refer you to some great development agencies that can take on your challenge.

Some projects need more attention and customization than our packages can offer. We'll let you know if we think that's the case. We have a number of other development agencies we can refer you to who may better attend to your special needs and customizations.

Absolutely. Your site will be built to look great on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Definitely. We will work with your current logo, existing color palettes, and established fonts. If you have any existing identity work, we can match and complement it so that this website is an extension of your current marketing efforts.

Yes! We're programmers, you probably don't want us writing your content. We'll help guide you and know what content to write towards, but you'll need to provide the copy for the site. However, we do know content creation specialists who can help and we'd be happy to contract with them on your behalf.

 We always recommend unique images over stock when possible. Your images will tell your story much better than something created out of context. However, if you don't have images of your own, we have access to several stock libraries which we can use.

If you'd like to use your existing hosting, the One-Time Project is the right package for you.

But you are also welcome to use our hosting either through the Payment Plan package or the Hosting Add-on, which includes maintenance.

Yes! But if you do not already have a domain, we'll happily help you select one and get that set up with your hosting.

You will need to maintain email on your own. Our hosting does not include email management. But as always, we'll be happy to help you consider your options, and get that set up and configured for your business.